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Dear England Fans

Get behind Fabio Capello by posting your encouraging comments, language tips and anything else you think will help him learn English in just 18 days.

He’s only got until January 7th, so have your say now!

Thanks for your support

The Capello Learn English team

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A Massive 79 Pledges So Far!...

  1. Christopher Says:

    We love you, Fabio for the gaffer!
    You got England backing you !

  2. Dan Automatic Says:

    Fabio, all you need to learn is how to gently sob in English as your World Cup dream dies a death on the pitch.

  3. Rayne Wooney Says:

    Eh up la.

    Good luck with the training sessions. Hopefully you’ll get the boys playing with a bit of grit.

  4. Senor Pablo Says:

    Fabio. Saw you at the Man U/Villa game.

    Looking foward to hearing how the language learning is going.

  5. Loulabelle Says:

    Potete farli! L’inglese è facile!!

  6. ComeOnEngland Says:

    Come on Fabio! Get us to the World Cup in 2010!

  7. Champions66 Says:

    Every England fan should be backing this campaign. Whether you like Fabio or not, he’s the man that they’ve picked and he’s showing the commitment by setting himself a big challenge.

  8. Lorraine Says:

    What a brave and totally admirable desire to want to conquer a language within such a very short time scale. On the eve of a new year it is wonderful to witness the determined efforts of such a motivated and insightful professional. If only more of us could understand and recognise the power of communicating in other languages! And what an inspiration to all young people wishing to succeed in a global economy. The whole nation (not just its football fans) welcome and applaud your arrival in post, Sr Capello - grazie a Lei - auguri!

  9. Tom B Says:

    I hope he doesnt meet many geordies or england will be done for!

  10. Jonno Says:

    Come on Fab! Bring England back to its football glory!

  11. Helen Says:

    A little language goes a long way Fabs! I salute you in your vow to learn English. Buon Natale!

  12. Helen Says:

    A little language goes a long way!! You will be understood whatever because people will want to understand you! Much luck! Buon Natale!

  13. Mr Gorse Says:

    Vorrei parlare con una agente della polizia

  14. Cestrian Says:

    Best of luck with your studies, Fabio!

  15. Lawrence Bruno Nero Pizza Dallaglio Says:

    My name is a bit Italian sounding but I went to a posh school in Yorkshire and learnt to talk all proper posh London style.
    Do I win £5 ?

  16. President Putin Says:

    If Fabio is fluent in English by the time I sit down to my Christmas dinner (on 7 Jan - we do Christmas later here in Russia), then I’ll learn Icelandic by the end of the month.

  17. Shane MacGowan Says:

    Fabio, can you bring a record out when you learn English, anything’s better than X-Factor winner Leon Jackson. Long live Fairytale of New York”……….. P.S. It’s my birthday on Christmas Day

  18. Pope Benedict XVI Says:

    Benedire pron Fabio…….Bless you Fabio

  19. Tio Pepe Says:

    Maybe he should learn his own language first….

  20. Ruggiero Giovannelli Says:

    I am an Italian composer of the late Renaissance period. I died on 7th January, and guess what? - I am now decomposing.

  21. Lewis Hamilton Says:

    It’s my birthday on the 7th January, glad to share it with Fabio’s BIG day

  22. admin Says:

    Thanks for all your support to date. It’s good to see the man himself has been here, sorry Fab it looks like you need to get back to your English books and stop messing about on the Web. Good luck though Fabio.

  23. Jose Mourinho Says:

    Fabio, do you know any Italian’s playing in Serie A with English Parents or Grand parents.

    England could do with about eleven players. Keep learning the lingo!!!!! All the best for Xmas. The special one

  24. Basil Fawlty Says:

    I hear Capello’s watching Fawlty Towers videos. So look out for, “You’ll have to forgive him. He’s from Barcelona.” or is that Real Madrid.

  25. Fabio Capello Says:

    Hell-o mi nam i Fabio. Thnkio fo you supportio

  26. Fred Durst Says:

    Fabio, keep on rollin, rollin!

  27. Jack Says:

    Score, Win and get the World Cup are the only words you’ll need Fabio

  28. Peter Kay Says:

    Fabio, Just heard t’news on Chorley FM via t’nternet, Dink dank do for me.

    If you ave difficulty speakin’ English come t’ Bolton, ave a brew, or a rola cola, slice of garlic bread, and if you can’t learn the lingo you can always book it, pack it, …

  29. english football is a joke Says:

    your players are a bunch of prima-donnas

  30. KittyP Says:

    Go on Fabio.

  31. The SquirrelMaster Says:

    FAB FAB FABIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Must be nice knowing you dont have to do much to surpass the last England managers efforts.

  32. Rob Says:

    The (hopefully) saviour of english football, thanks for trying the impossible job and may you be as successful as the rest of your distinguished carreer. and watch the scousers. they’ll nick the wheels off your car. oh, they’ll also rob your house.
    up the villa!

  33. Stan Says:

    Found Capello’s face on the Inquirer.

    Though I’d lend my support too.

  34. Henry Jones Says:

    Great Idea.

    Fabio we are all behind you.

  35. Kip Says:

    Give it your best shot Capello that’s all we can ask.

  36. MR Pands Says:



  37. MR Pands Says:



  38. thurkross Says:

    Having mastered English, he will not be the victim of treacherous subtitles anymore:

  39. Leonard Says:

    Learning English is son important. How is Fabio going to make comments for the tabloid Headlines after the next England defeat?

  40. alessandro Says:

    a cape’, ma vedi d’annattene affanculo

  41. Norwich off the bottom of the championship Says:

    It is the season of miracles, so I guess he stands a chance

  42. Tom Says:

    The first phrase to learn is ‘Lampard, you’re dropped.’

    After that it’ll be plain sailing.

  43. Jenson is Superman - Age 5 (months) Says:

    I am learning English too, I can give Fab some tips

    Mama (italian for…………….…..Mama)
    Fab (or F.A.B, Capellobirds are go!, or a lollipop)
    Jammies (The New Official England Kit)
    Yum-yum (baby food served during the half-time interval)
    Din-Din (Big pay cheque at the end of each week, (or for American’s learning English with Capello,……. Check)
    Sleepy-byes (Defenders gone to sleep again)
    Yucky (our goalie let another soft goal in)
    Stinky (and another – see above)
    Oopsie-daisy (Two footed tackle on an opponent)
    Uppie (Getting up off the ground after diving in the penalty area)
    Beddy-bye (another manager sacked with a BIG payout from The FA)
    Wee-wee (French for Yes, Yes. Our next manager is French, you heard it here first)

  44. (Dennis) Chorlton & The Wheelies (Whites) (minus 15 points) Says:

    Ello, little old Italian.

    Wheel back you the full 85% (100 - minus 15 points deducted by the Football League)

    Will you be visiting wheelie world to cast your eyes over future in-ger-land players.

    We have a amiable bunch of coloured blobs with wheels. (so we have no one with 2 left feet in our team)

    They are captained by King Otto and assisted by Queen Doris (at the back). Other Wheelie regulars include our girly midfielder, pink Wheelie Jenny, Zoomer (the fastest Wheelie Winger in Wheelie World, and our sole Striker, and our very own special one, the Minister of Wheel Estate (the blue moustachioed one).

  45. ENGLISH FAN Says:


  46. Charlton Edward Says:

    niceone!!!!!! COME ON CAPELLO

  47. Tim Richer Says:

    Nice plug on the radio this morning, lets help him learn english, I’ve got a couple of books from the kids primary school… meg the cat and all that!

  48. Percy Vear Says:

    Hey Pablo Italiano, come on Fabio persevere to the New – England, New Order lyrics

    Express yourself
    Create those words
    You know you can speak
    Dont give up the chase

    Embrace the lingo
    Take it on
    You never give up
    Its uno means one

    Your managing the england {in-ger-land}
    Were pledging this song
    Your learning for england {in-ger-land}
    Arrivederci, come on my son

  49. God Says:

    do it!!!!

  50. God Says:

    Bowt Time!!

  51. George Riley Says:

    there should be a “learn italian for england players” campaign as well… just incase

  52. Chris Scott Says:

    And don’t forget the yorkshire slang

    Beef (Cry / Whinge / Complain. “Stop yer beefin”)
    Goodies (Sweets - usually hard-boiled sweets)
    Growler (Pork pie)

    Na then’ (Informal greeting) often Na then sonny
    I’m right capped wi’that (I am delighted/amazed).

  53. Tobias Spoonchester Says:

    Good luck with the lingo Mr. C.

  54. Sarah Adel Says:

    Just heard you on kerrang radio!!, great idea, has someone sent this to the FA (would we need to translate it)

  55. Danny Season Says:

    Would like an england manager thats… english but you’ll do… go on matey forget 2008, 2010 is next!

  56. Dean Says:


  57. Jason Peters Says:

    Heres a bit of slang for you

    Cream Crackered - Knackered

    Lemon Squeezy - Easy
    Rabbit & Pork - Talk
    Weasel & Stoat - Coat

  58. Gally Says:

    good luck capello, your going to need it.

  59. JJ Says:


  60. Ian N Says:

    Come on Capello, you gotta learn the lingo chief!

    Can’t do much worse than Big Mac though, and he does know the language!

  61. A new campaign to support Capello’s English language adventure | Capello Learn English Says:

    […] Pledge Your Support Dec 20 […]

  62. Michael Says:

    Good luck Fabio!

  63. pistola Says:

    Fabio! You can be the saviour of English Football!

    Not exactly a hard act to follow

  64. Torstein Says:

    Come on Capello! Do it for England’s football future!

  65. fabio-fever Says:

    To the tune of ‘O Sole Mio’(or the Cornetto advert!!!)

    “Fabio Capello, Just heed my plea, You can’t play Lampard, With Stevie G”

    Good luck with the English Fab!

  66. Terry Peel Says:

    Fabio Capello, you can take us to final at 2010

  67. Jess Myers Says:

    Start with simple words like ball, boot, goal then move up to the more complex words..

  68. Freddy Says:

    What accent is most common amongst the England players?

  69. Dave Says:

    Fantastic Idea!, I’m all for it

  70. Caius Durling Says:

    Make me take interest in football again, make them work damned hard for the obscene wages they are on.

  71. Ironside Says:

    Do it for Engerland Fabio.

  72. Pablo Says:

    Here’s one for you Fab:

    “Hey up lads, stop being so nesh.”

  73. Stu Says:

    Good luck Capo..understanding the scouse wags will be interesting…

  74. steve Says:

    You can do it Fabio…

  75. Lee Says:

    All the best Fabio! The whole country is backing you…

  76. Stevo Says:

    All the best, I hope you do it lad! And bring us the World Cup.

  77. Dominic Hodgson Says:

    Go On My Son!, The Whole of England is with you..

  78. Stu The Terrier Says:

    Fab! If you need a quick rundown in Yorkshire twang.. I can sort ‘thi reet aht.

    Good luck with it and bring us La Coppa Del Mondo in 2010

  79. Sam Says:

    I absolutely love the capello fluent countdown. A work of genius imo!

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